Rig Fab Energy Services in Jacksonville, Florida consists of four main divisions; Welding Test Coupon Manufacturer, Welding Education & Training Center, AWS Testing Facility and Welding Energy and Contractor Placement.



Jacksonville Florida

Rig Fab Energy Services Jacksonville, FL is an Accredited Testing Facility for the American Welding Society.  As a Jacksonville ATF, we administer Performance testing and Maintenance renewal for any Welding Code.

Welding certification indicates that a welder has completed a nationally recognized test which demonstrates their ability to perform a sound weld for a specific process in accordance with industry standards.


Welding Test Coupons Manufacture

Jacksonville, Florida

Home of The Monster Pipe Welding Coupon for welder practice, tests and certifications. Rig Fab Energy Services Jacksonville, FL manufactures plate coupons for welding procedure qualification testing to all codes in our Lakeland, Florida manufacturing facility.  Welding coupons are manufactured and shipped to Jacksonville from our Lakeland, Florida location.


Welding Education

& Training

Jacksonville, Florida

Rig Fab Welding Education Jacksonville focuses on partnering with welding institutions, trade schools and Job Corps through our enrichment program. This program allows these schools to certify their students as an AWS Certified Welder, advancing the students welding career and opening the opportunity for a better future with higher pay or leadership roles in Jacksonville, Florida. 

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Jacksonville, Florida

Rig Fab Contractor Placement Jacksonville, FL has become one of the leading employment sources for welding organizations, our fleet of AWS welders and inspectors are contracted to assist on demand. Students who participate in the Enrichment Program at their school or institute have the opportunity to join Rig Fab’s Placement Services increasing the ability for immediate hire in North Florida.